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Sunday, April 13, 2014


Finally the day has arrived for the much anticipated game of the year, Boxing rematch of MANNY "PACMAN" PACQUIAO - TIMOTHY BRADLEY. Crowds were roaring with excitement when Pacquiao's name is being introduced.  It makes it even fun when Jessica Sanchez sings the Philippine Anthem. In fairness to Jessica, she incredibly make a good performance. Every filipino households has been tuned in to their television, all chores that day were being set aside just to cheer for manny.  It was so nerve racking and heart-wrenching game knowing that Manny is thirsty for the win, their last Game wasnt so pleasant because it leaves so many questions why Bradley wins when in fact its obvious that Manny throws so many punches against Bradley. But then, that is past already and whats important is NOW. The whole game lasted for 12 rounds, many were hoping to have a knockout win. But Bradley is just so firm and strong as well that he is able to make it until the last round. Luckily, after series of bouts, Manny Pacquiao proclaimed as the winner by unanimous decision. Its like the whole world celebrated with Manny and it made me proud as a Filipino. I would also like to give credit to Timothy Bradley for being so sport to acknowledge that Manny is strong. Thats a spirit of sportsmanship. Kudos to you Manny! Your victory is ours as well.


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