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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

a devastating earthquake

February 6, 2012 marks a very traumatic incident all over visayas, most specifically the most affected areas of negros oriental and cebu city where a 6.9 magnitude earthquake hit the place, Bohol were also affected wherein countless aftershocks were being felt.  Who would have thought that lives would be torn apart at that single instant. While blogging this, the death toll has reach to 15 people who have been declared dead and 50 people were still missing. There were also threats of tsunami but just so thankful it didnt happen. Most dreadful thing was, children were left traumatized with the whole situation,  keep on crying on the scene that they have just witnessed and experienced.  With all these happening, i hope that we would all be vigilant and we start to care with our mother earth. That this would serve as a lesson learned for us, that in encountering situation like this we should all be prepared and ask God always for His guidance all the time. Prayers is indeed the most powerful thing we could cling on to. Keep the faith!

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