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Saturday, August 6, 2011


For the whole month of july, its gonna be a full packed of festivities since its a yearly celebration that the people of Bohol is looking forward to. ITS THE SANDUGO FESTIVAL otherwise known as the Blood Compact Commemmoration, a celebration of culture and history. People are gathered together from all walks of life to witness the event. Apart from the streetdancing, they are also showcasing various products that comes from indigenous materials, which in turn has made a very big impact to it.  There is also the much awaited, Miss Sandugo, this year's winner is Farrah Faye Mian from Tubigon, Bohol.  This is the second time that the town of Tubigon has bagged its coveted title. The Sandugo Festival is proof of the greatness that springs from unity, when different regions, local government and the private sector, cultural advocates and philanthropists come together. One blood, one culture. Way to go BOHOL! 

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