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Thursday, July 14, 2011


Bohol bee farm is located in Dao, Dauis panglao island, Bohol.  Its concept is unique in a way that it basically caters organic food material that is beneficial to one's health and well-being.   This healthy option comes from the principle of agricultural development that leads to a better environment, hence organic farming is practiced.  When you get in there, the first thing that you would feel is refreshing,  it somehow revives whatever lost moment you have experienced.  There are amenities you could try on, like the pool,  they'res is different. The ambience is very soothing that when you spend the day on the pool you wont get sunburned because it is indoor.  While swimming, you could also try on their specialties. me ive tried the one with bougainvilla petals  on it. Who must have thought that it could be eaten anyway? and its worth the try!the taste is great! ive also tried their ice cream its super delicious! The whole experience is spectacular and worth visiting next time around. For more info and if you wish to have a vacation, you can visit this site

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