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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Home

As Former president Corazon Aquino have said, "Im glad that God made me to be a filipino" and for that quote, i would also say that im proud that God has placed me to a place where i belong and be a Boholana in the truest sense of the word. Bohol has been enormously recognized nowadays, not only for hospitable people we have but most interesting of all is the widely known tourist spots we have. Many were drawn to its natural and welcoming ambience. So i encourage all of you who haven't had the chance yet to explore Bohol to come see our place. Definitely you'll be wanting to come again once you've stepped into our land. Experience climbing the breathtaking stairs in chocolate hills, savor the view of sagbayan peak and have the time of your life wandering the river of Loboc and the thrill of seeing the tarsier, the white sand beaches and taste our specialties like the calamay etc...If i were to live again and would be given the chance to choose the place i want to stay, with no second thoughts, i will choose Bohol nonetheless.

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